How to Find the Right Tax Agent

Taxation is one of the areas that give most people a serious headache. As such, the majority of the population will try to find a professional to handle the tax return. If you choose to do the tax returns on your own, you may end up missing some key details and may lose tax deductions. […]

Understanding the Tax-Free Threshold

Are you an Australian resident and would love to know the tax-free threshold? All taxpayers who receive income are expected to pay taxes. However, the first $18,200 of your income is not taxable, which is the tax-free threshold. As such, if your total income is less than $18,200 per year, you will be expected to[…..]

Tax Implication for Foreign Source Income

Australian residents are taxed on their worldwide income and as such, there is a requirement to declare income from foreign sources. The challenge is that most people do not understand the tax implications. You should note that the foreign income you receive may be taxed at the origin country and also in Australia. However, there[…..]

What happens if you don’t lodge a tax return?

If you make less than $18200 per year, you don’t have to worry about paying taxes on your income. But if you make more than that, you are required to lodge tax return on time.  You are mandatorily required to lodge a tax return each year at the designated time of the financial year. But due to certain situations, if[…..]