Australian GST calculator


Please follow Australian Taxation Office website that explains in more detail about how the goods and services tax (GST) works.

How to Calculate GST manually?

  • To calculate how much GST to add – Multiply by 0.1
  •  To calculate how much the price was before GST – Divide by 1.1
  • To add GST to arrive at a total price – Multiply by 1.1
  • To calculate how much GST is included in a price – Divide by 11

Need help lodging your BAS or GST Return?

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Cash Vs. Accrual: Which Method Should You Use To Calculate GST On Your BAS?

BAS stands for business activity statement and is a form that businesses must submit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on a regular basis. One of the key sections of your BAS is Schedule 1, which calculates your gross profit margin and thus determines an important component of your GST calculation. Gross profit margin represents

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Construction Worker Tax Deduction Checklist

The income tax rates in Australia are progressive, which means that the higher your earnings are, the higher percentage you pay. Same rules apply to construction worker. It is imperative to know the tax deductions that you are eligible for to minimise your tax bill. Let us take a look at some of the common

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ATO Warns: Don’t Hide Your Cryptocurrency Transaction

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is issuing this information sheet to make sure Australians are aware of their tax obligations when using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. From a taxation perspective, the ATO’s view is that transacting with cryptocurrencies is akin to a barter arrangement, with similar tax consequences. If you are trading in crypto, you’re required to

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Here Is What You Should Claim On Tax Returns If You Are Working From Home 

Before making claims on home office occupancy expenses, you must pass the interest deductibility test, provided by the ATO.  There are specific traits that the workspace you are using needs to demonstrate so as to qualify for occupancy expense claims. Some of the requirements include: The area should be used regularly for business and visited

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